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Storytelling Links

Welcome to our links page!


Below you’ll find an annotated alphabetical listing of storytelling links, including links to:

·       extensive links resources developed by others

·       folktale texts

·       informational storytelling blogs

·       a variety of storytelling organizations

·       potential funding resources

·       and much, much more, all storytelling-related, of course!


You will not find links to storytelling events. For those, please visit the KSA Events Calendar where you can learn about storytelling events taking place in Kentucky and adjoining states. While there you can also submit your event information to the KSA events Calendar.


You will also not find links to information about specific storytellers. To learn about specific storytellers, please visit the KSA Find a Teller page. Once there you can visit the KSA Storytellers Directory and/or fill out a Teller Request form.


To suggest additional links for inclusion on the KSA Links page, please send your suggestion to the Links Editor, links@kystory.org  Include a brief annotation along with how you envision access to this link will help KSA achieve our Mission and Goals.



Art of Storytelling Show An International Conversation of Storytellers on the Art of Storytelling. Storyteller and host Eric Wolf has conducted almost 130 interviews on the art of storytelling. You can listen to the archival recordings. A topic index is also included.


Bedtime Story Guide  Okay, truth be told, this is really a site whose purpose is to sell bedroom furniture; however, this link will take you to page with lots of links to stories for children’s bedtime storytelling. (Site recommended by Denise Rynders and the youth group of the Elm Grove Area Community Services Center.)


eStories  The Enoch Pratt Free Library, Baltimore, Maryland created this collection of live storyteller performances for display via DVD. You’ll find a variety of telling styles and forty-six storytellers from varied cultures.


Experts as Seen by Storyteller Mark As storyteller Mark Goldman travels, he asks storytellers across the country to comment on storytelling – telling them what they love about the craft, what advice they have for other tellers, how storytelling has affected their lives, and more. These brief video interviews are all posted here, arranged alphabetically by storyteller. 


Fairy Tale Lobby A "Discussion Group" of the National Storytelling Network. The blog provides a site for discussing fairy tale topics (a new topic is posted on the third day of each month) and a place for preserving group wisdom. Regardless of whether or not you are a member of NSN, if you value fairy tales, if you defend them in the real world, if you advocate their greater use, if you occasionally even lobby on their behalf, you will feel right at home in the Fairy Tale Lobby. Fairy Tale Lobby is coordinated by storytellers Mary Grace Ketner and Megan Hicks.


Fairy Tale of the Month: Reflections and Delusions Every month, since December 2010, storyteller Charles Kiernan has taken one fairy tale and peeked under its surface in three posts.  Reader comments are welcome.


Folklinks  A guide to folk and fairy- tale sites, compiled by D. L. Ashliman. This guide was last updated in 2006, but it’s still a valuable, easily navigated, resource.


Folktexts An easily navigated electronic text library of folktales, folklore, fairytales and mythology edited and/or translated by D. L. Ashliman, University of Pittsburgh.


Healing Story Alliance (HSA) The purpose of the Healing Story is to explore and promote the use of storytelling in healing. You’ll find a wealth of information for storytellers and those in other service professions; therapists, clergy, health care practitioners of all kinds, anyone who can see the benefit of story as a tool for healing. Pages of links, resources, and reviews lead to even more helpful information.


Hear Women Tell  Kris Hillenburg interviews Professional Storytellers to get "The Story behind the Story" on this a web-based audio program. New Interviews are available every two weeks and run 24/7 so you can listen at your convenience. Past interviews are available on the website too. This site also provides Reviews of Storytelling materials and current storytelling News.


How to Tell a Story  Enjoy this video “How to Tell a Story: Quick-Learn Storytelling Techniques!” from Sean Buvala. Appropriate for use with both youth and adult tellers. The presentation is like viewing an old-time silent movie – fun to watch and useful advice.


International Storytelling Center Located in Jonesborough, Tennessee, the International Storytelling Center is dedicated to improving the lives of people around the world through the power of storytelling.


Kentucky Arts Council  The mission of the Kentucky Arts Council is to create opportunities for the people of Kentucky to value, participate in, and benefit from the arts. KAC grant programs can support storytelling projects and performances.


Kentucky Foundation for Women  The mission of the Kentucky Foundation for Women is to promote positive social change by supporting varied feminist expression in the arts. When women and girls advance, so does Kentucky.  Storytellers have been funded for various projects through this foundation’s grant programs. You will also find links to a variety of resources on this website’s Resources & Links page.


The Kentucky Humanities Council, Inc.  is an independent, nonprofit affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities in Washington, D.C. The Council is supported by the National Endowment and by private contributions. It is not a state agency and receives no state funds, but is does partner with Kentucky’s cultural, heritage, arts, and tourism agencies. The Kentucky Humanities Council tells Kentucky’s story through Chautauqua programs and a Speakers Bureau. In addition, the Council uses the services of storytellers as team members in its Prime Time Family Reading Time programs.


Kentucky Storytelling Association You are currently visiting the KSA website. The Kentucky Storytelling Association, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit membership organization whose mission is to develop on-going support and appreciation for storytelling in the Commonwealth. We hope you are enjoying our links page. Please visit additional pages on our KSA website to learn more about our programs and services. We’d love to have you join us!


Kentucky Youth Storytelling A KSA activity conducted to encourage more Kentucky youth to tell stories and to provide young Kentuckians with access to the National Youth Storytelling Showcase


Kentucky Spellbinders Chapters Kentucky has two chapters of Spellbinders, a national organization of volunteers dedicated to restoring the art of oral storytelling to connect elders to youth.  Contact: Jessamine County Spellbinders® at rstaub@jesspublib.org and at kbatteiger@jesspublib.org (please email both) and Lexington Spellbinders® at amccurry@lexpublib.org


Language, Literacy and Storytelling  This blog by storyteller Donna Washington includes an ongoing series of storytelling advice called “The Storytellers Toolkit” in which she is looking at specific tools such as voice, eyes, hands, facial expressions.  Clear advice with video examples from various tellers included.


Leonard Roberts Collection Here’s the page in the Berea College Appalachian Sound Archives where you can listen to stories collected by Leonard Roberts, Kentucky folklorist, in the 1940’s and 50’s.  To learn more about Roberts, his work, and the contents of the entire Leonard Roberts Collection, see Guide to the Leonard Ward Roberts Collection .


Moth Here you can watch video of stories told at a variety of events from The Moth. On the KSA events calendar you’ll also find a link to The Moth events in Louisville, Kentucky (typically the last Tuesday of each month). Stories at The Moth events are told by adults for adults.


National Association of Black Storytellers (NABS) The National Association of Black Storytellers, Inc. promotes and perpetuates the art of Black storytelling - an art form which embodies the history, heritage, and culture of African Americans. Black storytellers educate and entertain through the Oral Tradition, which depicts and documents the African-American experience. A nationally organized body with individual, affiliate and organizational memberships, NABS preserves and passes on the folklore, legends, myths, fables and mores of Africans and their descendants and ancestors - "In the Tradition..."


National Council of Teachers of English, Guideline on Teaching Storytelling

Here’s a position statement on storytelling from the NCTE Committee on Storytelling which eloquently and clearly explains why storytelling matters in the classroom.


National Storytelling Network (NSN) Connecting People to and through Storytelling. The National Storytelling Network serves individuals and organizations that use the power of storytelling in all its forms. Select “Resources” to access lists of storytelling organizations nationwide, a Knowledge Bank of varied storytelling related resources, and much, much more.  Kentucky Storytelling Association is an affiliate member of NSN, so our KSA members receive a 10% discount on their individual NSN dues. While everyone can access the NSN website and the information provided under the Resource page, only individual NSN members can use the World Folklore and Folklife database accessible through the NSN Member library.


National Youth Storytelling Showcase/NYSS The goal of the NYSS is to empower the nation’s youth through storytelling. See also Kentucky Youth Storytelling.


Network of Biblical Storytellers The membership of NBS is laity and clergy, educators and learners, professional storytellers and inexperienced amateurs -- all with a deep love of the biblical stories and a curiosity about how they may be told.


Pixar Story Rules (one version)  Yes, this advice comes from Pixar, the movie animation folks, and more specifically from Emma Coats via David Price. This list could prove useful for middle schoolers through adults.


Producers & Organizers The purpose of the Producers & Organizers Special Interest Group of the National Storytelling Network (NSN) is to encourage cooperation, networking and support among organizers within the NSN and to foster the professional growth of the individual members of this special interest group. You’ll find articles here related to different types of storytelling events and aspects of storytelling event production.


Professional Storyteller Social Network  An online .ning network for people who work in the field of oral storytelling.


Race Bridges Storytelling, events, and tools to bring the races together. From this site’s main page, link above, you can reach several related sites that include videos of storytellers telling stories that foster diversity, related lesson plans for teachers, and much, much more.


Spellbinders An organization of volunteers dedicated to restoring the art of oral storytelling to connect elders to youth, weaving together the wisdom of diverse cultures throughout time. For information about KY chapters, see “Kentucky Spellbinders” above.


Story Arts Online Created by storyteller and author Heather Forest, this site includes lesson plans for educators who want to incorporate storytelling across the curriculum or engage children in the art of telling.


Storybug Storytelling Links Karen Chace, storyteller and web researcher and author of the “Stor-e-Telling” column in Storytelling Magazine offers a links page with a smorgasbord of sites.


StoryCorps Since 2003, StoryCorps has collected and archived more than 50,000 interviews with over 90,000 participants. Each conversation is preserved at the Folklife Center at the Library of Congress. StoryCorps is one of the largest oral history projects of its kind. Follow the link to listen StoryCorps stories.


Storyteller.net On this articles page you’ll find links to a huge number of storytelling articles. On the amphitheater page, you can hear tellers talking about various aspects of their work. Those are just two of the resources available on storyteller.net.


Storytelling -- It's News! A guide to over 460 articles about the art of storytelling all published since 2003 in news publications (ex. The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Business Week) A summary is provided of each article and links to the full article when available.


The Storytelling Ring This webring connects sites throughout the WWW (currently 82 sites) featuring storytelling resources, organizations, events, and the tellers themselves. All sites dedicated, at least in part, to the vocal art of telling stories.


Vonnegut on the Shape of Stories  Here is a brief video of author Kurt Vonnegut talking about the shapes of stories.


YES Youth, Educators, and Storytellers Alliance.  Members teach to tell and tell to teach. This organization encourages teaching youth to tell stories and encourages educators to use storytelling as a teaching tool.


Youth Storytelling Toolbox Articles from a variety of storytellers on helping young people develop telling skills, compiled by storyteller Kevin Cordi.

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