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Mission and Goals


The Kentucky Storytelling Association, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit membership organization whose mission is to develop on-going support and appreciation for storytelling in the Commonwealth.


1. To help people of all ages develop an appreciation and understanding of the oral cultural heritage of both the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the world.

2. To seek on-going support, understanding, and appreciation for storytelling as:

    a. an everyday activity essential for strong families and communities.

    b. a valuable component in many professions including, but not limited to, education, law, medicine, ministry, politics, and business.

    c. a performing art.

3. To connect listeners, tellers, and event planners by serving as a clearinghouse for storytelling information.

4. To provide instruction for people of all ages seeking to develop and improve their storytelling skills.

5. To work with government agencies, businesses, organizations, and other groups to find new ways to bring storytelling to the public.

6. To encourage the ethical collection, preservation, and public dissemination of regional oral stories, including oral histories, through performances, recordings, and books.

Definitions for KSA purposes:
"Storytelling" refers to oral narratives of all types.
"Oral" refers to non-written language including, but not limited to, spoken and signed language.

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