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Kentucky Storytelling Month

March is Kentucky Storytelling Month

Read Governor Andy Beshear’s Proclamation here.


Mark your calendars now and start planning.


Storytelling Month encourages programming statewide -- at schools, libraries, parks, community events, wherever people gather -- to emphasize Kentucky’s rich heritage of stories and tellers. From grandparents to youth tellers and from professionals to amateurs, tellers abound in your community. Tell around the table, tell at the library, listen at the nursing home, listen at the Veteran’s Center, or at the state park. Inside or out, storytelling is FUN, portable, and sometimes life changing.


What is storytelling?  

It’s an interactive art form. Tellers relate a narrative, while closely observing listeners whose reactions guide the teller. For example, the hunter-to-hunter retelling of a hunt is not likely to be told with the same wording as the hunter-to-grandma retelling of the same hunt, even though the hunter is telling the same story to both listeners! Storytelling requires no batteries, and all it needs to recharge is to “Tell it again!”

Need to find a storyteller?

Visit our Teller Directory to learn about storytellers you can contact.

Describe your event using our Teller Wanted Form and KSA members who are eager for storytelling opportunities will contact you.


Want to find a storytelling event?

Visit our Event Calendar.


Want help publicizing your event?

Submit information about your event so we can help you spread the word. Although we usually feature only open to the public events, during Kentucky Storytelling Month we’ll also tout private events to help website visitors develop ideas for how they too can celebrate.


Need help creating a storytelling event?

Storytelling events are as varied as the people who produce them, so feel free to forge ahead creating whatever event you imagine. 

Here is a resource that could also feed your imagination and help you:

·        Check out the Publications offered (Articles For Producers) on the Producers & Organizers Special Interest Group page of the National Storytelling Network website.


Questions?  Please contact StorytellingMonth@kystory.org.


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