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KSA Mini-Grant Guildelines

Any KSA member may apply for matching fund mini-grants up to $300 for projects that support the KSA Mission and one or more KSA Goals. Note: A KSA Member who is under 18 should apply with help from a parent or guardian who will sign the application form and the grant agreement form if the funding is awarded. To apply members will need a project partner and a source of matching funds. 


The KSA mini-grant program provides matching funds of up to $300. Support from your funding source must be at least 2/3 cash. The additional 1/3 may be in-kind services. For example: to request $300 in matching funds from KSA, your funding source could provide $300 cash, or as little as $200 cash plus $100 in-kind services. Note:  While ticket sales, registration fees, and merchandise sales are all sources of income, they may NOT be used as funding sources for your KSA grant request.


·        KSA funds may not be used for catering or food expenses.

·        No grant applicant may be involved in the Grant Review process.

·        Any KSA Board member applying for a grant or having other conflicts of interest in the project must abstain from discussion and voting on the recommendations of the Grant Review Committee.

·        Matching funds may not be provided by the KSA member applicant.

·        Previous recipients who have failed to submit a final report may not apply.


In addition to needing a project partner and a source of matching funds:

·        Project publicity must credit KSA by including the following statement: “Funded in part by the Kentucky Storytelling Association www.kystory.org

·        If project publicity includes logos from partners or other supporting entities, the KSA logo must also be used. Contact grants@kystory.org for guidelines and approved KSA image.

·        Grant awards are announced in November. Projects must be completed during the next calendar year.

·        Grant applicant must submit a written final report within 30 days of the completion of the project.


Awards Process

            KSA may award full or partial funding of the amount requested. Upon notification of the award the recipient will have the right to accept or refuse the awarded funding by the deadline specified in an award notification delivered by postal mail and email (if available). Failure to reply by the deadline will be considered a refusal of the award, and funding may be awarded elsewhere.  Upon acceptance of the award, KSA will send the member a payment of 75% of the awarded funds. Upon acceptance of a project written final report, KSA will send the final 25% of awarded funds.

            Applications will be reviewed by a KSA Grant Review Committee who will determine whether each request should be fully funded, partially funded, or not funded.  Applications recommended for funding will then be ranked in the order in which they should be funded. The Committee will report their decisions to the KSA Board for awards. Note: The purpose of ranking the applications in order for funding is to allow a quick reallocation of funds should an award be refused.


Application deadline: Applications are accepted from September 1 – October 15.

Award notifications will begin in November.


Note: Projects must be completed during the next calendar year.


Click here for a copy of the KSA Mini-Grant Application. (MS Word docx format)


Click here for a copy of the KSA Mini-Grant Application. (MS txt format) 


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