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contact info for Kentucky Storytelling Association: P O Box 4148, Frankfort, KY 40604-4148  secretary@kystory.org

Officer Duties

Below are brief descriptions of KSA Officer duties. Detailed instructions are provided in each officer’s KSA Board manual and are available upon request from the Nominating Committee. Contact nominating@kystory.org.  See also About Board Service for information that applies to all KSA Officer and Director positions.



The President organizes Board and Membership meetings by setting the meeting agenda and presiding at meetings. The President creates cumulative financial reports for the Board and distributes Committee Reports and other information to all Board members prior to each Board meeting. The President’s signature is required on all checks of $100.00 or more.



The President-elect assists the president and presides at meetings in the absence of the President. The main job of the President-elect is to learn how to serve as President the next year.  When a Secretary Assistant is unavailable to do so, the President-elect is charged with keeping the Member Roster up to date.  When a Digital Media Director is unavailable to do so, the President-elect is charged with sending messages to KSA members. (See also Secretary Assistant and Digital Media Director below.)



The Secretary takes minutes at all meetings, sends meeting notifications as required in KSA bylaws, opens mail, makes deposits, takes in cash, issues receipts, and forwards monthly income records to both the Treasurer and  the President. The Secretary maintains KSA records, except financial records. (See also Secretary Assistant below.)



The Treasurer maintains the checking account and disburses money as required to conduct KSA business as approved by the Board of Directors. The Treasurer prepares financial records and reports for the audit/financial review committee. The Treasurer meets deadlines by filing tax returns and other reports required of non-profits. The Treasurer maintains KSA financial records.


Secretary Assistant

Although Secretary Assistant is NOT an official KSA office, because KSA’s bank and post office box are located in Frankfort, KY, a KSA member living in Frankfort has often assisted both the Secretary and the President-elect with some of their duties.  The Nominating Committee can tell you if such assistance is currently available.


Digital Media Director

Although Digital Media Director is NOT an official KSA office, the person who handles this job performs the vital service of helping the President-elect be sure messages reach KSA members. ToMembers(at)kystory.org (use regular email address @) is the address to use to send a message to all KSA members.

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