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About Board Service - FAQ

What do KSA Board members do?

KSA Board members volunteer their services by

·       Assisting in long range strategic planning and implementation.

·       Participating in fundraising and networking activities.

·       Representing KSA to our members, potential members, and others throughout Kentucky.

·       Using their skills and resources to help KSA meet its mission and goals.

·       Governing KSA according to both KSA Bylaws and regulations that apply to 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations.

·       Serving as stewards of KSA’s financial well-being.


What is the time commitment?

KSA Board members volunteer their time by

·       Attending and participating in six board meetings per year (January, March, May, July, September, and within 24 hours of the yearly Membership Meeting) for a two-year term. In addition, new KSA Board members are expected to attend the meeting of the out-going Board, held within 24 hours of the yearly Membership Meeting, so they can transition into their new roles before officially beginning Board service on January 1st.  

·       Participating in a Board Orientation for new and returning Board members. Officers who are leaving the Board are required to attend Orientation to assist new officers in the transition of officer duties.

·       Participating in and/or supporting the Kentucky Storytelling Conference, the Kentucky Youth Storytelling Program, Wandering Storytellers, the KSA website, KSA Facebook page, and/or other KSA efforts.

·       Serving actively on at least one standing committee.


What does it cost to be a KSA Board member?

KSA board members do not pay a fee to serve on the board, but they are expected to provide financial support by

·       Exploring strategies for and actively participating in securing financial support for KSA through fundraising, grant writing, promoting memberships, and/or sponsorship opportunities.

·       Making at least one financial donation per year in addition to paying membership dues.


What are the rewards of serving on the KSA Board?

When you serve on the KSA board, you

·       Meet a diverse crowd of storytellers, story listeners, business persons, public servants, professionals and retired persons who all have one thing in common – enthusiasm for storytelling and for promoting its importance in Kentucky.

·       Know that your gifts, time, imagination, and talent make a positive difference in the success of KSA.

·       Are part of the growth of an organization that will create a community known for its promotion of and love of the art of storytelling.



If you are interested in serving on the Board, please contact the KSA Nominating Committee by emailing nominating@kystory.org.


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