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contact info for Kentucky Storytelling Association: P O Box 4148, Frankfort, KY 40604-4148  secretary@kystory.org

Kentucky Youth Storytelling Rules

  1. The Kentucky Youth Storytelling contest is only for Kentucky residents age 7 – 17 as of June 1st.
  2. Stories may be told by solo storytellers or by tandem teams (2 – 4 tellers). A contestant may compete both as a solo teller and as part of a team.
  3. Stories should ideally be 5 – 8 minutes in length, but absolutely not under 4 minutes or over 10 minutes.
  4. Stories must be told, not read.
  5. Each story must be submitted on a separate video either by a link to YouTube or other electronic video source or by a mailed DVD (compatible with typical home equipment) with only one story per link or DVD. A separate Entry & Permission form for each teller must be mailed to KYS. (One form for a solo teller. A form for each team member for a tandem telling team.)
  6. When creating the video:
    • A full body shot is not necessary, but judges need to see enough to judge the teller’s use of body language.
    • Use a microphone so the teller can be easily heard.
    • Do NOT edit – editing may result in disqualification. The judges would rather see how a teller handles a small mistake than view perfection achieved through editing.
    • Do NOT include a dramatic story introduction. The judges already want to hear your story, so there is no need for an introduction designed to entice them into listening. The judges will learn the source of your story from the information you supply on the Entry & Permissions Form; however if you wish to simply announce the title and source before you begin telling the story, that’s okay. If you believe the judges must have other additional information, that’s okay too; however, please state the information simply and concisely, not dramatically.
    • Clothing – We suggest your clothing be appropriate for an audience and not distracting. (For example, wearing a T-shirt with a slogan will cause listeners to attempt to connect the slogan to the story, thus providing a distraction. But what if you always wear T-shirts, and they all have slogans? Just wear your T-shirt inside out, and record your story!) We also do not want costuming.
    • If you are recording with a device that can record with both landscape and portrait orientations, please use landscape orientation, not portrait orientation (so horizontally, not vertically).
    • Be sure to view the video on equipment different from what was used to record the video before you submit it. (In the past some DVDs have been received with upside down storytellers, no audio, so much shadow the teller’s face could not be seen, and other problems that inhibited effective review of the storyteller’s work. If you would like KYS to review your video for problems, we must receive your DVD or electronic link by May 1st. You will hear back by May 15th.)
  7. Only one story per video, so a teller entering both as a solo teller and as part of a tandem team must submit a separate video and a separate Entry & Permission form for each story.

8.     All Entry & Permission Forms must be mailed via postal mail or scanned and emailed because they require a parent/guardian signature. 

o    Mailed DVD entries, submitted with the signed Entry & Permission Form, must be postmarked by June 1st. Mail to: KSA - KYS Entry, P O Box 4148, Frankfort, KY 40604-4148. (If you are able to also submit the Entry & Permission Form electronically, we’d appreciate it.)

o    Electronic video submissions are entered by typing a link to the online video in the space provided on the Entry & Permissions Form, and then electronically submitting the form by midnight June 1st.  In addition a signed copy of the Entry & Permission Form must also be mailed postmarked by June 1st or scanned and emailed by June 1st. Send postal mail to: KSA - KYS Entry, P O Box 4148, Frankfort, KY40604-4148. Send email to: kys@kystory.org.

9.       Entries will be judged according to the KYS Judging Rubric .

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