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2018 Conference Workshops

Friday, November 16, Pre-conference (separate fee)

Morning Pre-Conference – 

Rhythm and Sound in Storytelling – 

Explore rhythm in breath, movement, speech patterns, story structure, and character behavior, sounds as integrated storytelling elements, use of sound effects in developing and playing with story. Intended audience: performing tellers, musicians, teachers, therapists, drummers, actors, people who like to play.  Presenter: Rivka Willick

About Rivka Willick: Rivka Willick celebrates storytelling through performance, workshops, and 1-on-1 story coaching. She has performed and taught workshops at National Storytelling Network Conferences, numerous festivals, libraries and schools across the country. 


Afternoon Pre-Conference – 

Tactile Touches, Moving Moments: Enriching Stories for Active Audiences- Enhanced storytelling with young children. 

Enhance your storytelling in ways that communicate and enrich socio-emotional and tactile-kinesthetic learning for young audiences, ages 4 through 9.  Model tales and tips for telling with active learners and listeners. Intended audience:  Educators and other mentors: teachers, librarians, ministers, mentors who work with young children ages 4-9, after-school care educators, parents. Presenters: Lyn Ford and Sherry Norfolk.

About Lyn Ford: Lyn Ford is an award-winning international storyteller, author, and teaching artist with the Ohio Alliance for Arts Education. Lyn has contributed to or co-edited storytelling-in-education resources.

About Sherry Norfolk: Sherry Norfolk is an internationally acclaimed performer, storytelling-in-education consultant, in-demand teaching artist, workshop leader, keynote speaker, and author/editor of many award-winning story resources. 


Saturday, November 17, Conference Workshops (included in Conference Registration)

Session 1 (you’ll be able to attend Workshop A, B, or C)

A.   Turning Your Storytelling Hobby into a Profession – If you are interested in making your Storytelling Hobby more profitable, or taking the next step and truly turning professional, here are some considerations and business basics to get you started.  Start here, then use your conference time to network with other storytellers and “go home with a plan!” Presenter: Debra Kumar.


B.   Using Oral History to Build Community Engagement – In this hands-on session, Melony Shemberger will showcase a yearlong, community engagement project in which her students used oral history interviews to explore public education in the years before standardized testing. You will have an opportunity to conduct an oral history interview using quality audio equipment and gain best practices. Presenter: Melony Shemberger.


C.   Storytelling in Bluegrass Music –Take a tour of the International Bluegrass Music Museum (117 Daviess St, Owensboro, KY 42303) and learn about storytelling through Bluegrass Music. Presenter: Museum staff. The museum is within walking distance. Meet the workshop guide at the entrance to the Convention center to walk down. Note: Throughout the day, you have three opportunities to attend this session.


Session 2 (you’ll be able to attend Workshop D or E)

D.   Your Brain on Storytelling – Learn how telling stories affects the brain in a dramatic way. Knowing how your audience’s brains work will help your stories be more effective, interesting and memorable. Presenter: Jeff Jones.


E.   As Rich and Sweet as Molasses:  using childhood memories to create stories –The workshop will help participants discover stories and story threads by drawing upon their childhood memories, colloquialisms, and settings.  Presenter: Terry Rollins



Session 3 (you’ll be able to attend Short Workshop F or C and Short Workshop G or C – note session C is Storytelling in Bluegrass Music, as described above; Or, you can attend Long Workshop H or I)


F.    Story Play:  Building Language and Literacy One Story at a Time – Snap, clap, wiggle and giggle to the power of language.  Light a fire in the imagination of children.  Literacy and language become a daily activity when the resources are available.  When a story says “THE END” it can be the beginning of instant language sharing and lots of fun. Presenter: Mary Jo Huff.


G.   Audience Participation and Storytelling – Having your audience actively involved in your stories can be fun, touching, scary, and rewarding. The workshop will mainly be active audience participation in different stories in different ways. Presenter: Ann Roseberry.


H.   Handy Andy: Using Puppets in Storytelling Performance – Looking for a great way to engage young children between stories? Want the help of a puppet to tell a specific story? In this fun and practical workshop, we will focus on how and why to use puppets in storytelling. Presenter: Priscilla Howe.



I.     Using storytelling to learn about other cultures – Stories can be entertaining, but they are also powerful tools. They can reinforce stereotypes, or they can build bridges.  Join us as we explore stories, artwork, food, music, maybe even dance to find just the right story for your audience. Presenter: Jane Morse.


Our Workshop Leaders


Debra Kumar is a Fine Arts Graduate of West Virginia University. She is an experienced storyteller and performance coach. She has taught storytelling in elementary classes and theatre in middle school.  She has facilitated adult classes in business basics and personal finance.  


Melony Shemberger is assistant professor of journalism and mass communications at Murray State University.   She uses her formal education and experience in journalism and history to design oral history and storytelling projects for her students.


Jeff Jones has been a storyteller, humorist, comedian and educator for over 20 years. He loves sharing stories and researching interesting topics. He uses storytelling on a daily business at his school and in communicating with his family and friends. 


Terry Rollins is our Featured Teller this year at the Conference. He is a storyteller, a children’s librarian and a Ghost walk guide in Washington, NC. He has been telling stories for over 20 years and is a co-founder of The North Carolina Storytelling Guild which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.


Mary Jo Huff is an author, storyteller, recording artist and puppeteer who creates books, CDs and DVDs filled with original stories, songs, and finger plays.  She has visited 47 states and presented to thousands of children and adults.  Mary Jo is an Early Childhood teaching artist.  Mary Jo has written many publications for Early Childhood educators.


Ann Roseberry is also Queen of Halloween, Sugar Plum Elf, Granny Annie, Ladybug Roseberry, Queen of the Leprechauns, etc.  She likes to play outside, read books, and dance.


Priscilla Howe has been a full-time storyteller since 1993, traveling the world (fourteen countries and counting) with a headful of tales and a bagful of puppets. She performs for listeners of all ages with almost true stories, folktales and stories from books, most served with a generous dollop of humor. 


Jane Morse has told stories from coast to coast. On the way, she has taught a variety of workshops for young people and adults on topics ranging from Appalachia and astronomy to Mark Twain and church mission studies. An historian by training, she includes many stories about heroes who stood strong against violence and intolerance.

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