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2021 Conference Schedule

2021 Kentucky Storytelling In-Person Conference Schedule

(Scroll down for the Partial Virtual Conference Schedule)


(Green font shows continuing education contact hours approved by KDLA for public librarians.)


(About Open Mics – all are welcome to tell a story – maximum length 10 minutes, so if your story is longer, tell an excerpt and folks can ask you about the rest later! Friday and Saturday evening concerts, including the open mic portions, will be recorded. All conference registrants will have access to the recordings via a link to KSA’s YouTube channel for thirty days. Recordings will then be deleted.)


Friday evening, November 12

7 – 7:30 registration

7:30 - 9:00  Evening Concert 1.5  Hear our featured teller, Paul Strickland, plus open mic and possibly Youth Storytelling Torchbearers.

9 - 9:15 Break

9:15 - 10:00 Story Slam .75- A telling competition – Your story should be true and about something that happened to you. Maximum Story length: 5 minutes


Saturday, November 13

8:20 – 8:40 Registration 

8:40 – 9:00 Welcome, Orientation

9:00 – 9:15 Break (& store open)

9:15 – 11:15 Morning Session 2

          1 Paul Strickland Workshop

Collage in Storytelling - A Story is More Than the Sum of Its Parts -- How to use collage techniques to combine anecdotes, images and other bits and pieces into a story that is larger than the sum of its parts.  This workshop is about a unique non-linear approach to story creation.  We’ll discuss gathering bits and pieces for your story, creating micro-stories efficiently and effectively, and use those micro-stories to build a larger narrative that will engage audiences, and feel fresh, unique and contemporary.  (While this workshop was originally intended for fiction and personal narrative stories, it has also been used very successfully to re-structure folk and fairy tales in interesting ways!) 

          2 Museum Tour of Blue Licks Museum

An in-person tour of the museum which features information about the prehistoric animals who visited area salt licks and the battle fought here that was one of the last battles of the American Revolutionary War. A park interpreter will be on hand to answer questions and provide information in addition to the film regularly shown at the museum.

          3 Erin O’Neil Workshop (delivered virtually, via ZOOM)

Storytelling Studio: A Guide to Digital Storytelling & Social Media Marketing – Take your storytelling to the next level! Learn about several virtual storytelling platforms and find out how you can embrace social media to promote your craft to the world. In-person registrants will receive the Zoom link in advance.

11:15 – 12:45 Lunch (& Store open, starting at 12:30)

12:45 – 1:45  -- 1st Afternoon Session 1

4  Liar's contest -- You must be the star of your tall tale in this competition. Maximum Story length: Five Minutes

          5 Teri Lott Workshop

Tips for Sharing Stories with Memory Care Residents -- Teri Lott has shared tales with hundreds of Memory Care residents over the years. Although not an expert, she has learned through personal experience as well as research, methods to assist you in sharing stories with this fun, but challenging group of listeners. Join this workshop and learn what her KISS (Keep it Simple & Successful) tips are. You’ll also have the opportunity to add your own tips and strategies so we can learn from you as well.

          6 Charlotte Hickam Workshop

Moving Stories – Adapting Tales into Active Games  -- Come in your comfortable shoes ready to play with Charlotte. You’ll leave with games you can use in your own setting, along with a heightened awareness of how to adapt stories into games and how to successfully lead the games.  Children and adults will be delighted.


1:45 -- 2:00 Break & Story Store open

2:00 – 3:00 – 2nd Afternoon Session 1

7  Steve Daut Workshop

Find the Funny: Using Humor in Stories -- Humor can help everyone to connect to any type of story, if you know how to apply it. In this workshop, students will learn through participation exercises, presentations, examples and discussion from a stand-up comedian and Second City Graduate, turned storyteller. You will learn how humor can enhance even the most serious stories, and how to find and shape the humor in your stories for maximum audience impact. Topics include “What is humor?”, “Why use humor?”, “Type of humor”, and “How to find and bring out the humor in your stories”.

8 Lee Edgerton Workshop

Rhapsody, Rhythm, - Lyrical Rhyme, Mesmerized People, Once Upon a Time -- Explore the Science and the Practice of Poetic Storytelling. We will review brain responses to rhythm and rhyme, look at some classic stories and create or convert some short tales using rhythm and rhyme for our own use.

9 Ray Mendenhall Workshop

Storytelling from the Ground Up -- Interested in Storytelling? Want to learn the basics? This workshop will teach the basics of storytelling. You will learn the basic framework of a good Story and how it works. Through the model of the “Story Bug,” you will explore how the parts work together to bring a story to life and make it go. The Story Creation Arc will give you a process for creating a story from start to finish. In addition, the workshop will consider the judicious use of description and detail to build, deepen and enhance a story.


3:00 – 3:30 Snack Attack Break & Story Store Open

3:30 – 4:30  -- 3rd Afternoon Session 1

10 Judy Baker Workshop

Who, Me?  Telling Your Personal Story -- A primer on fleshing out your own personal stories.  Attendees will be given ideas for gathering, developing and telling their and their families’ personal stories.  Story prompts, timelines and other elements will be used to help jog memories and bring out those events that help shape us and our histories.

11 Donna Marie Todd Workshop

How to Create Great Character Voices – Find the voices that live inside your story’s characters. Light up your imagination in this fun, hands-on workshop with award-winning storyteller and author, Donna Marie Todd. Do you know what’s wrong with most “character voices?” There’s not a real person in there! It’s just an accent or, worse yet, a cheap caricature of an ethnic or social type. Real character voices come from real characters and in this workshop, you’ll have a blast building one from scratch. You can bring a character idea from a story you’re working on or come with a blank slate.

12 Mike Perry Workshop

Taking your Story Off the Page and Onto the Stage – Show, Don’t tell: Applying the differences between the written and spoken story. Reading tells a story, but storytelling shares. Most of the communication is nonverbal, yet as storytellers we often rely heavily upon the written word, neglecting body language and other tools to engage the audience. This workshop discusses, teaches and applies methods used to conversationally share stories with an audience.

4:30 -- 4:45 Break

4:45 -- 5:30 Open Mic .75

5:30 -- 7:00 Dinner (Story Store open starting at 6:30)

7:00 – 7:30 KSA Membership meeting

7:30 – 10:00 Evening Concert --  2.25  Hear our featured teller, Paul Strickland, plus open mic, possibly Youth Storytelling Torchbearers; and yes, there will also be an intermission.


2021 Kentucky Storytelling Partial Virtual Conference Schedule

Saturday, November 13

9:15 – 11:15 a.m.

Erin O’Neil Workshop (delivered virtually, via ZOOM) 2

Storytelling Studio: A Guide to Digital Storytelling & Social Media Marketing – Take your storytelling to the next level! Learn about several virtual storytelling platforms and find out how you can embrace social media to promote your craft to the world. You'll receive your Zoom link when you register.


Time To Be Determined:

Open MicYour registration also includes at least one open mic session. Time not yet determined – scheduling of this will be in consultation with all who register for the partial virtual conference!


Post-Conference Access for All Registrants

The Friday and Saturday evening Concerts and the workshop from Erin O’Neil will be recorded. After the conference, the recordings will be posted to KSA’s YouTube channel. All registrants will be sent links to the recordings. You’ll have access for thirty days. Then, the recordings will be deleted.


What if the entire conference has to become virtual?

Unless the conference location is forced to close because of a pandemic resurgence, the conference will go on as planned – with both a full in-person version and a partial virtual version.  Should the conference location close, all events will be made available virtually (except for the tour of the museum). If you have registered for the in-person conference, you will be contacted about your ability to access the virtual conference. If virtual access is not possible for you, your registration will be refunded. If you have registered for the partial virtual conference, you will have an opportunity to increase your registration payment to cover the full event.



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