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2023 Conference Workshops

All Workshops are on Saturday, November 4

Workshop Breakout Session 10:25 - 11:35 (choice of one)

Workshop  (Room A) A Moment in Time by Judy Baker

Researching, developing and presenting a historical character while using storytelling as the avenue of presentation.  It's not just dates and events to be memorized; it's so much more!

About Judy Baker: Growing up in a town with only one piano teacher meant that Judy Baker would be unable to fulfill her fondest childhood dream:  To be able to carry those big music books and walk across the parking lot and down the hill from the elementary school to the little brown house where the piano teacher lived.  Alas, music would not be her muse, but she found her voice in storytelling.  She currently serves as program chair for the Cleveland Storytelling Guild and has told and presented workshops at festivals regionally. 


Workshop (Room B) Telling Your Personal Story by Pam Cropper-Vice

What are some things that make your heart sing?   What makes you giggle like a teenager?   Have you had a life changing incident?  You will learn how to select the key points of your life experiences along with anecdotes in order to craft your personal story.

About Pam Cropper-Vice: Pam Cropper-Vice has been a storyteller for about five years and currently serves as President of KSA.  Storytelling is exciting to her and she knows that everybody has a story.  Helping others to bring their stories to life is important to her. 


Workshop (Room D) Storytelling Games: Having Fun While Creating Stories Together by Mary Hamilton

Learn a variety of word-based storytelling games by playing them. You'll also receive tips on how to encourage and facilitate participant success. These games are primarily story creation adventures.

About Mary Hamilton: Over forty years of enjoying storytellers, telling stories, and marveling at how storytelling works undergird Mary's performances and workshops. In 2009 the National Storytelling Network presented Mary a Circle of Excellence Award, and in 2012 her award-winning book Kentucky Folktales was published by University Press of Kentucky. Learn more about her on her website www.maryhamilton.info


 Workshop (Room A) 11:45 - 12:55

The Magic of Words: Storytelling Art & Techinque by our conference featured teller, Heather Forest (1.25)

This interactive storytelling workshop offers beginning and burgeoning storytellers practical insights into the creative process, social relevance, and performing art of storytelling. Participants will take a deep dive into exploring the basic instruments of storytelling: voice, body, imagination and metaphor. We will examine methods to sequence, remember, shape, and share a story with confidence and stage presence. Participants will consider ways to effectively rehearse, self-assess, and improve their telling over time.


Workshop Breakout Session 3:55 - 5:10 (choice of one)

Workshop (Room A) Stepping Out of the Box with Props by September Cardiff

Learn how to enrich your storytelling by giving your listeners a more playful and interactive experience while stepping out of the box with puppets, props, and music. You will learn ways to draw your audiences in, capture their attention, and share your love of storytelling in a unique and wonderful way.   

About September Cardiff:  September Cardiff is an author, edutainer, magician, ventriloquist, storyteller, and motivational speaker. With a degree in education for over 20 years, she has used and continues to use in many ways as she travels and performs at schools, libraries, churches, and camps all over Kentucky, South Carolina, Florida, and Georgia. She loves to motivate and entertain people, especially children, as she instills in each child a love for reading, storytelling, and self that will help them succeed in many ways. She is a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother and loves spending time with her family.


Workshop (Room B) You Don't Know Jack by Octavia Sexton

In this lively workshop participants will be immersed into the Appalachian tradition of storytelling and get to know 'Jack' the legendary trickster character of the Jack Tales. Through fun activities they will create their very own Jack Tale to tell.

About Octavia Sexton: With a lifetime of being immersed in the Appalachian storytelling tradition and over 30 years of teaching experience, Octavia not only entertains with her exuberant storytelling style but immerses the listener into Appalachian history and culture and provides skills to create and tell their own stories.


Workshop (Room D) A Story is a Woven Thing by Ray Mendenhall

"A good story cannot dribble, it has to pour." Story creation is not tinker toys, sticking various pieces together randomly to some "end". It is the process of weaving the various story "threads" together into a spoken tapestry. In this workshop, we will explore the ideas and art of organic "storyweaving."

About Ray Mendenhall: Ray Mendenhall comes from a family of storytellers. Humorous stories and family anecdotes filled his childhood and youth. For over 20 years now, Ray has been telling professionally in venues across North and South Carolina and Kentucky. Following the "jolly man" tradition, he mixes amazing songs and whimsical stories into a celebration of the storytelling art. He has told at Festivals, schools, libraries, conferences, civic clubs and 2 State Fairs. He has won medals for musical performance in the NC Senior Silver Arts Competition, several storytelling contests and the Bold-faced Liars Showdown in Laurinburg, NC.



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