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2022 Conference Workshops

All Workshops are on Saturday, November 5

Folktales, Fairytales, and Social Justice

Fairytales can engage us in the imaginary and hopeful.  Folktales gives us glimpses into cultural thoughts and norms.  This session will combine hopes and cultural thoughts to address social justice issues, like suicide, PTSD, poverty, immigration, race reconciliation, etc.  Hear a story combining fairy tale and a current issue, and then join a group discussion and brainstorm how we can use the oldest stories as vehicles for awareness and change. Presenter: Sheila Arnold


Workshop Session One (choice of one)

Workshop 1 – Stretch It! Developing Tall Tales and Outright Lies: Taking an idea & stretching it to the limit!

This workshop will consist of the presenter telling a tall tale, then giving suggestions of how the story was developed. There will be time for discussion and audience participation. The basic elements of story development will be incorporated. Presenter: Judy Baker

Workshop 2 – A Bicycle Built for Two: Balancing Tandem Telling.

Explore the pleasures and pitfalls of creating a tandem performance. Two people telling a story, or a program of stories, together is Tandem Telling. Join Jennifer and Eileen as they walk you through the balancing act between styles, personalities, abilities, backgrounds, and more that goes into creating a tandem performance. Presenters: Jennifer Pahl Otto and Eileen DeLorenzo.

Workshop 3 – Turn Your Memories into Treasured Tales.

Have you always wanted to tell personal stories but don’t know where to begin? In this highly interactive, fun filled workshop, Judy guides participants through a series of exercises to help bring cherished memories to life. Beginning with a list of “memory joggers” and an imaginary “snapshot,” participants work with partners to create stories to share on the stage or with family, grandkids or as a springboard for writing their memoirs. Presenter: Judy Sima.


Workshop Session Two (choice of one)

Workshop 1 – FEE FI FO FUM: Compelling Characters and Dialogue.

Add vivid characters and compelling dialogue to make stories POP!  We’ll explore ways to add characters that are vivid and real, and use three levels of dialogue to develop compelling relationships between characters in your stories. Using exercises, examples and discussion, this workshop will help make your stories come alive. Presenter: Steve Daut.

Workshop 2 – Detailing your Story: Using easy techniques to enhance or simplify your stories.

Do you have the bare bones of a story and you need to add details or dialogue to make it come alive?   Or do you want to lengthen or shorten your story?   Come and explore some easy techniques for doing all of these in a fun, interactive session. Presenter: Pam Cropper-Vice. About: Pam Cropper-Vice loves to tell stories. She has an education degree in English and History. She is active in several storytelling groups. She has been a featured teller at several Wandering Storytellers events.

Workshop 3 – Capturing the “Story” Behind the Facts.

Has too little or too much information prevented you from telling stories of ancestors or historical figures? Are you looking for inspiring projects for your students? In this highly interactive workshop participants will move away from the “facts” to create memorable stories that bring history to life. Presenter: Judy Sima.



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