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contact info for Kentucky Storytelling Association: P O Box 4148, Frankfort, KY 40604-4148  secretary@kystory.org


(To learn more about KSA activities beyond the History reported here, please use the KSA Newsletter Archive.)


Table of Contents


·       Conferences

·       Kentucky Youth Storytelling Showcase

·       Wandering Storytellers

·       Other Activities




Formation and Governance






November 2004 – First KSA Conference and Annual Meeting, Bardstown, KY. Twenty-five people participate in the first conference. Future conferences will take place in a different quadrant of Kentucky each year in accordance with KSA bylaws.

November 2005 – Second Conference and Annual Meeting, Greenbo Lake State Resort Park, Greenup, KY. Fifty-eight people participate. Partners for the 2nd Conference include the Knowledge Center on Deafness and the Kentucky Arts Council.

November 2006 -- Third Conference and Annual Meeting, Owensboro Area Museum of Science and History and The Executive Inn Rivermont, Owensboro, KY. Fifty-four people participate. Partners for the 3rd Conference include Owensboro Area Museum of Science and History, the Knowledge Center on Deafness, and the Kentucky Arts Council.

November 2007 -- Fourth Conference and Annual Meeting, Dale Hollow Lake State Resort Park, Burkesville, KY. Sixty-two people participate. Partners for the 4th Conference include Kathi E. B. Ellis, the Knowledge Center on Deafness, and the Kentucky Arts Council.

November 2008 -- Fifth Annual Kentucky Storytelling Conference, Paroquet Springs Conference Center, Shepherdsville, KY. Eighty-four people participate. Partners for the 5th conference include Jennifer Rose, Knowledge Center on Deafness, and the Kentucky Arts Council.

November 2009 –- Sixth annual Kentucky Storytelling Conference, Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, Kentucky. 78 people participate. Partners for the 6th conference include Cynthia Changaris, Kentucky Arts Council, Knowledge Center on Deafness, The Condominiums at St. Andrews Place, Madison County Public Library, Richmond Area Arts Council, and the Berea Early Childhood Regional Training Center.


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Kentucky Youth Storytelling Showcase

2007 – KSA sponsors the Kentucky Division of the National Youth Storytelling Showcase. We submit our allowed five entries to the National Showcase. Three of the twenty national finalists are from Kentucky.

2008 – The Kentucky Division of the National Youth Storytelling Showcase expands from three to four regional live showcase locations, plus a video/DVD entry method for selecting semi-finalists. Kentucky Youth Storytelling Showcase finals take place at The Kentucky State Fair in August.

2009 – Kentucky Youth Storytelling Showcase continues. Two Kentucky Youth Storytelling 2008 Torchbearers compete in the National Youth Storytelling Showcase in the high school division. Emilee Seaman wins and Emma Wilczynski is first-runner up! Kentucky Youth Storytelling Torchbearers perform at the Kentucky State Fair. Finals for the 2009 Kentucky Youth Storytelling Showcase take place at the Kentucky Storytelling Conference.



Wandering Storytellers

2007 - Wandering Storytellers Series at Natasha's Cafe and Boutique. This monthly, 4th Monday, evening performance series for adult audiences features KSA member tellers. This Natasha's/KSA partnership brings storytelling to adult audiences in a well-known performance space and raises funds for Kentucky Storytelling Association.

2008 – Natasha’s Bistro performance series for adult audiences continues. New this year – Each month has a designated theme, two KSA tellers featured instead of one, and each evening includes open mike slots. This event continues to be a KSA fundraising event.

2009 – Wandering Storytellers at Natasha’s Bistro in Lexington, Kentucky continues to raise funds for KSA and to provide a regular evening of storytelling for adult audiences. New this year, the July Wandering Storytellers event was the first ever Kentucky Storytelling Association Story Slam won by Octavia Sexton.


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Other Activities

Spring 2005 – KSA Members Sherry Bogard and Donna Slaton present information about KSA in a session at the Kentucky Public Library Association Conference.

May and October 2006 – KSA Members tell stories and hand out KSA information at the Berea Arts and Crafts Fair.



Newsletter -- See the Newsletter Archive on this website.

January 2005 – First newsletter! Sherry Bogard serves as newsletter editor.

July 2006: Thomas Freese becomes second newsletter editor.

“Storyteller Wanted” announcements helping event organizers connect with storytellers go out to all members who asked to be on the KSA Teller Wanted list.

  • 2004: 7 Teller Wanted Requests
  • 2005: 13 Teller Wanted Requests
  • 2006: 16 Teller Wanted Requests
  • 2007: 15 Teller Wanted Requests
  • 2008: 22 Teller Wanted Requests

Other Announcements sent to members tell of grant opportunities, classes & workshops, open-to-the-public storytelling performances, and more.

  • 2004: 13 other announcements
  • 2005: 44 other announcements
  • 2006: 50 other announcements
  • 2007: 28 other announcements
  • 2008: 49 other announcements

Web Site – October 2006 Web site launched: www.kystory.org


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Formation and Governance


April 2004 – First meetings to dream a statewide storytelling organization.

May 2004 – We have a name – Kentucky Storytelling Association, Inc. – chosen through a ballot sent to 62 interested people. We also have a volunteer Interim Board: Betsy Fleischer, Gaylord Cooper, Donna Love, Cynthia Changaris, and Mary Hamilton.

June 2004 – We have an address – P. O. Box 4148, Frankfort, KY 40604-4148.

July 14, 2004 – We have a mission statement chosen through a ballot sent to over sixty people. Our mission: The Kentucky Storytelling Association is a non-profit membership organization whose mission is to develop on-going support and appreciation for the art of storytelling in the Commonwealth. KSA goals are approved by the Board after discussion and input from the same sixty people.

July 27, 2004 – Kentucky Storytelling Association, Inc. files articles of incorporation with the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

August 7, 2004 – KSA receives Federal Employer Identification Number, opens a bank account, and receives first donation.

November 5, 2004 – After months of writing and revision, the KSA Interim Board formally adopts KSA Bylaws.

July 2005 -- We submit our application for 501c3 tax-exempt status; then learn patience and more patience while waiting for a determination.

August 2005 – Board Binders created. After being on the job since July 2004 (building a ship while also sailing it), the interim Board compiles information to make Board service easier for their successors!

November 2005 – First elected Board. Incoming Board members: President, Betsy Fleischer; President-elect, Don Creacy; Treasurer, Cynthia Changaris; Secretary, Mary Hamilton; Quadrant 2 Director, Octavia Sexton; Quadrant 3 Director, Carolyn Franzini; Quadrant 4 Director, Thomas Freese; At-large Director, Bill Watson. Ann Roseberry and Paschal Baute accept appointments to Quadrant 1 and At-large Board positions. In March 2006, Donna Slaton agrees to fill the vacant position of Assistant Treasurer. KSA now has its first complete Board of Directors.

July 27, 2006 – The Internal Revenue Service designates the Kentucky Storytelling Association, Inc. a 501(c)(3) organization, with status retroactive to our Incorporation date, July 27, 2004. Yahoo! Contributions to KSA are now tax deductible, and KSA can qualify to apply for grants available only to 501(c)(3) organizations.

November 2006 - Incoming Board Members: President, Don Creacy; President-elect, Mary Hamilton; Treasurer, Donna Slaton; Assistant Treasurer, Jeannie LeBeau; Secretary, Betsy Fleischer; Quadrant 1 Director, Ann Roseberry; Quadrant 2 Director, Octavia Sexton; Quadrant 3 Director, Carolyn Franzini; Quadrant 4 Director, Cynthia Changaris; At-large Directors, Bill Watson and Pam Holcomb.

Early 2007 – Quadrant 2 Director, Octavia Sexton resigns from the Board. Treena Cornett is appointed to the vacant position.

November 2007 - Incoming Board Members: President, Mary Hamilton; President-elect, Donna Slaton; Treasurer, Don Creacy; Membership Secretary, Charlotte Hogan; Secretary, Betsy Fleischer; Quadrant 1 Director, Ann Roseberry; Quadrant 2 Director, Pam Holcomb; Quadrant 3 Director, Bill Watson; Quadrant 4 Director, Cynthia Changaris; At-large Directors, P J Beckett and Mary Kane.

August 2008 - Membership Secretary Charlotte Hogan resigns. Her position is taken on by Mary Hamilton who resigns as President, and Donna Slaton becomes President. Quadrant 3 director Bill Watson resigns, effective end of October.

November 2008 - Incoming Board: President, Donna Slaton; President-elect, Pam Holcomb; Secretary, Betsy Fleischer; Membership Secretary, Gary Mattingly; Treasurer, Nina Coyer; Quadrant 1 Director, E. J. De Witt; Quadrant 3 Director, Nelle Williams; Quadrant 4 Director, Mike Beville; At-large Directors, P.J. Beckett and Mary Kane. Quadrant 2 Vacant.

Throughout 2008: E.J. DeWitt resigns and is replaced with Laura Seaman as Quadrant 1 director. Octavia Sexton is appointed to fill the Quadrant 2 vacancy. Nelle Williams resigns from Quadrant 3. Gary Mattingly resigns as Membership Secretary, and the Membership Secretary position is eliminated with duties assigned to the President-elect.  At-Large Director Mary Kane resigns.

November 2009: Incoming Board: President, Pam Holcomb; President-elect, Russ Conrad; Secretary, Maggie Beville; Treasurer, Nina Coyer; Quadrant 1 Director, Laura Seaman; Quadrant 2 Director Octavia Sexton; Quadrant 3 Director, Charlie Hardy; Quadrant 4 Director, Mike Beville; At-large 1 Director, Charles Wright; At-large 2 Director, Vacant.

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October 2004 – Board sets dues payment, and the first KSA member, Donna Love, joins.

  • October 31, 2005: 35 members
  • October 31, 2006: 58 members
  • October 31, 2007: 63 members
  • October 31, 2008: 75 members
  • October 31, 2009, 85 memberships (79 individual memberships, 6 family memberships, and KSA’s first organization membership – The Lexington Spellbinders)

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